well here goes....our very first post. We have all been sick the past week, but especially Jim and Rachel. James is off to school and Julia is sleeping so I decided to give this a try. It is interesting though with a wiggly, sick girl sitting on my lap. My goal in doing this is to keep a kind of journal going and show recent pics.

As for interesting stuff...nothing really has happened. James broke a window on the porch yesterday. He was pretending to shoot a bottle with his new BB gun (sans the gun) and he knocked the bottle into the window. That is the second broken window on the porch in the last 3 months. Probably because they are thin storm windows. James and two neighbor girls were playing and one of the girls sitting on the window sill pushed back and broke the window. Thankfully, nobody was hurt. Jim fixed the window with plexiglass and it looks as good as new (he's so handy).
The kids went to the home depot workshop on saturday. It really is a cool program and totally free!! They made pirate ships this time. They get to work with wood and tools, then they bring home their projects and some extra goodies.

We went for a walk yesterday, the weather was so nice for November. James rode his scooter (he always wants to ride his bike, skateboard or scooter) walking is too boring I guess. Rachel usually wants to ride in the stroller, sometimes I can get her to walk and push her baby stroller. But being sick I let her ride and carried Julia in the carrier on my back.

I guess that is all for today, Rachel is miserable and needs some attention. Here is a picture of her misery. Poor Rach!!

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