Goodbye for now

For any faithful readers that might be out there...I will be taking a break from blogging indefinately. I am not sure when or if it will start up again.

God Bless,

Cute moment

Rachel and Julia are play cooking and eating this morning. Their menu consists of "Buffaloaf", Rachel just came in and asked if I could make some "Buffaloaf" sometime. I thought it was too funny.

James' 1st soccer practice

So you can pick him out, James is wearing a red shirt and blue shorts.

woohoo we made a goal!!

Go James!

Goal kicking relay

Despite what it may look like, he is not trying to hit that girl

James listening intently

Some cute spectators

Mowing the lawn

James is not quite ready to do it by himself, but Jim is showing him the ropes.

Fall Chore Chart

The kids had a break from their chore charts this summer. They still had to do things around the house but we didn't use a chart. Anyway, this is their new fall chart. I made this template on Excel and every so often I change the colors and content of the chart. I really like it this way because I can customize it to their ages, abilities, and shortcomings. For of Rachel's responsibilities is to "be polite", say hi, don't just put your head down and ignore people, etc... I am sure most of you know that Rachel is extremely shy and we are not sure how to change that. Well it seems to be working already, she has been talking to people for the last few days. James on the other hand has trouble concentrating at school and doing his work. When he brings homework home it always seems like a battle to get him to concentrate. Therefore, one of his responsibilities is to get all of his work done at school. I am really hoping that this will motivate him. The chart is broken up into chores, bible memory verses and responsibilities that go along with them, and commission (what they earn according to what they have done for the week). I have the chart laminated and put magnetic strips on the back to hang it on the fridge. A dry erase marker with a magnet on the back is hung next to it and the kids just mark off the chores when they are done.

Rachel's 1st day of school

She looks sooo happy to be at school.

At least Julia is excited to be there.

I am doing one day of kindergarten per week with Rachel. She is a little young at 4 1/2, but I wanted to get her used to the school system since she is so shy. She is academically ready for kindergarten because she can write her letters and is starting to read. We will be going through the year very casually without pushing.

First day of school and rambling...

Third Grade!!!

On a different note...this is a baby bunny that was sitting on our steps. The kids got to pet him because he was too scared to run.
Then on another entirely different note...Yesterday developed into a hard day. I was in a terrible mood because of it and eventually ended up writing about it on facebook. Sometimes I do that in order to "see myself" and hopefully correct whatever needs correcting. Most of the time it really helps. Anyway, my evening did get better. We had a nice fire in our backyard firepit and sat around roasting marshmallows, it was fun.

Six Flags

We had a fun, very hot day at six flags this weekend. Kaleb, Renee, and their two boys went with us.

James trying to make it spin faster

The other four adults went on a rollercoaster so I took the five kids on a train ride.

Oh so tired! Makes a nice nose rest.

Me in the Alice in Wonderland tree.

My manly man, he made it to the top of the wall!

Rachel loved the rides the faster the better.

Julia's self-haircut and more...

She took a whole clump in the front and cut it off. Yesterday I saw the scissors, planned to put them away, then totally forgot about them.

Rachel wrote this for me. She loves to write and is starting to read.

James and his goofy lips pop.

Baby Boy Cauley

Profile Pic

We have a couple of other pics, but they are not very clear. I also thought it would be a bit crude to show the one comfirming that he is a boy. During the ultrasound while going around his bottom area, I saw right away that he was a boy. We asked the technician before hand to let us guess before telling us the gender. It was really kind of cool.
So anyway, James is excited about having a brother. Rachel had said that she wanted it to be a girl. I wasn't really worried about disappointing her because I thought she was too young to really care. She was in a really bad mood all of yesterday. First thing in the morning she said that she did not want the baby to be a boy. After that she was walking around the house with a pencil. Then I noticed that she had written X's all around the house. On the wall, refridgerator, stove, counter, etc. When I asked her why she did that, she said, "because I don't like the baby." I guess she was disappointed after all.

Look mom I did my own hair

We were getting ready to go for a walk and Julia decided to do her own hair. She put water on it and combed it down.

My sweet guy!

I guess he felt bad that I have to travel back and forth to Burlington and only have FM radio to listen to. He surprised me with this gift today. It's a portable XM radio that I can use in the van or wherever. What a great surprise, I will surely enjoy it!